Rock Your Goals

Rock Your Goals is an interview series with inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners where we share tips, truths and tools to help you build a business you love, that loves you back, without going broke or burning out in the process. We blend practical business information with mindset, motivation and self-care to help you live your dreams and Rock Your Goals and our mission is to create community through conversation. Think of it like being at your favourite cafe and overhearing a really juicy conversation that you want to pull up a chair and be a part of. Well, you know what my friend? Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and come and join the conversation.
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Aug 28, 2016

In this episode I’m talking with the beautiful Elyse Santilli.

Elyse is a writer, life coach, happiness teacher, spiritual mentor, coffee drinker and lover of life. She’s the founder of notes on bliss online home for all things spiritual, soul, happiness and dream creation.

She’s sharing her fantastic tips for creating a vision for your life and business, how to get clear on the ideas that spark joy in your heart and soul and how to bring that beautiful vision of yours to life.

You can find all of the extra information you need, including resources mentioned in this episode + details to connect with today's guest in the show notes at

Aug 22, 2016

Today I'm talking with the wonderful Jarka Kunova. 

Jarka is a life and business coach, a business mentor, writer and speaker. 

Through her wonderful website, Designed By Life, she shares her mission to help people live life on purpose.

In this episode we're talking about how embracing your bravery and being guided by your intuition allows you to follow your dreams.

We're also talking about self-awareness, how to think, feel and create in your zone of genius, plus why there's nothing wrong with having a day job and a business at the same time and how to create an authentic personal brand.

It's a juicy episode today, filled full of goodness to help you balance your life and business, and also how to create and connect authentically.

For all of the extra information you need from today's episode, including how to connect with Jarka and details of the resources we mentioned, visit

Aug 14, 2016

In this episode I'm talking with the lovely Vanessa Vickery. 

Ness is a qualified holistic Nutritionist, wellness coach, healthy foodie and Mum. She's also the creator of super popular website Becoming Ness - a health and wellness website aimed to help mums achieve a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Ness shares her 5 Minute Biz Builder Tip to help you put yourself out there, get seen by your audience and grow your presence online.

Visit for show notes from this episode, including links to connect with Ness, plus plenty of great resources, including a free mini guide called "Get Visible" to help you get seen online. 

Aug 9, 2016

Today I'm talking with the beautiful Patty Kikos.  Patty teaches busy women how to balance their energy through counselling, Kinesiology, Kundalini yoga, chakra balance workshops and gorgeous online courses.  She's also a hot chip lover, super cool word nerd and loves to binge watch awesome TV shows like Vikings.  Patty's passion is helping energise entrepreneurs so they can find their flow and transform their lives (sounds pretty amazing to me!).

Today we’re talking all things boundaries and why they’re so important for you in life and in business.  Patty shares how to set beautiful boundaries that nurture you, simple and effective ways to communicate your boundaries, getting really comfortable saying no, and how to step out of the ‘sorry' syndrome. 

This episode's packed full of goodness to help you set boundaries that work for you. 

Connect with today's guest and access great goal digging resources via the show notes at