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Rock Your Goals is an interview series with inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners where we share tips, truths and tools to help you build a business you love, that loves you back, without going broke or burning out in the process. We blend practical business information with mindset, motivation and self-care to help you live your dreams and Rock Your Goals and our mission is to create community through conversation. Think of it like being at your favourite cafe and overhearing a really juicy conversation that you want to pull up a chair and be a part of. Well, you know what my friend? Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and come and join the conversation.
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May 28, 2016

Today I'm sharing some exciting new changes and additions to the podcast series,  plus I'm sharing the very first 5 Minute Biz Builder Tip which is all about being you, doing what you're passionate about and not letting others define you.

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Have an amazing day and keep goal getting goal rocker!


May 20, 2016

Today I’m talking with the incredible Sarah Von Bargen from Yes and Yes and I have to admit I have a pretty huge blog crush on Sarah.  She’s an amazing woman and she’s doing incredible things online.

We’re talking about the top 5 mistakes people are making on their websites, DIY mastermind retreats what are they and why do you need to do one, how to harness the power of traffic spikes and how to connect with professional peers or people you admire without looking like a total stalker.

There's an amazing amount of goodness in this episode, Sarah has shared so many helpful tips to help you rock your business, rock your blog and rock your goals, I hope you love it.

For links to connect with Sarah and the resources she mentions in this episode, check out the show notes at

May 11, 2016

Today I’m talking with the beautiful Julie Parker. Julie is the CEO and founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and she teaches gifted and heart centred people to bring their love of giving into the world as life coaches.

We’re talking about building a successful business and a raving fan base, the power of finding your people and why riding the rollercoaster is all part of the entrepreneurial journey.

Plus we’re talking fears, and us women we sure have a lot of them.  The fear of being seen, the fear of not being seen, fear of judgment, rejection and failure, being afraid to self-promote, to connect with other people and to put your whole self out there for the world to see. It can be really scary stuff and today we’re digging into those fears and sharing how you can bust through them and give yourself permission to shine.

Julie also shares her tips for being courageous, being consistent and being your beautiful, wonderful self in your business.

You can find the show notes at:

May 8, 2016

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Lauren McFarlane. Lauren’s a strategist and business coach on mission to help One Million women build authentic businesses with unbreakable foundations that support the lives they long for.

Lauren ran an incredibly successful six figure business but she traded it all in for a fresh definition of success that’s aligned with how she REALLY wants to live. It’s a pretty cool story and she’s sharing more of that in today’s episode.

We’re also talking about how to value yourself and what you have to offer, creating a successful business based on referrals and how to look after yourself if you’re a massive over-giver.

Plus Lauren talks business foundations – why they’re important and what you need to get crystal clear about to build a solid foundation for YOUR business.

And I’m really excited to announce that the Rock Your Goals workshop is coming to Melbourne in June. So if you’d like to spend a day with myself and the amazing Rachael Kable from the Mindful Kind podcast check out the information at, the workshop’s called ALIGNED and we’re going to spend an amazing day with a group of likeminded women learning about meaningful mindfulness and inspired goal setting.  You can find out more at or just come to and search for aligned.  I’d love to see you there it’s going to be an amazing day but let’s dive into today’s episode.  It’s full of goodness to help you build a sustainable business that meets your definition of success. I hope you love it.